Tuesday, December 1, 2015

From college roommates to fellow mommies

One upon a time, just 7 years ago, we were college roommates... We had a lot in common: love for the Lord, quieter personalities, and enjoyment of the arts, as she studied visual art and I studied theatre and dance. And we were united on what we ultimately wanted to do: we wanted to be wives and mommies.

Those last 7 years passed quickly, as we got married in the same month and had our first baby girls in the same year. I am so grateful for a friendship that has survived the years and the many miles.

Now we're fellow mommies, with sweet 2 year old girls, me with a newborn girl and she with baby girl #2 due in January!

The week before Thanksgiving, Mary Khris drove half the day to spend two days at our house. We hadn't seen each other since our girls were under a year old, and it was so much fun to catch up on life as we fit in talking around watching the young ones enjoy each other.

The girls loved reading stories... I finally had to call it quits after 12 books or so, since I had a sore throat and my voice was going to give out!

They're both great helpers - when Lydia saw Hadassah helping with dishes, she had to help too! :)

Ellie was a trooper, being carted here and there and napping wherever she could as we played with the older girls!

The first day was very rainy, so in an effort to get some energy out, we turned on kids praise music for the girls to dance. And they LOVED it!

Lydia brought some dress up clothes to share! They make pretty cute princesses :)

Lydia is going to be such a good big sister! Almost every time I had Eliana, she'd say "I want to hold that baby!"

After rain the first day, the next two were perfect. The girls had fun swinging...


And of course falling down over and over on the trampoline!

A beautiful day to be outside together!

We taught them "Ring Around the Rosy" and they did it over and over and over...

On our walk I discovered a use for the long ERGO adjustment straps... Incentive to keep the girls walking!

And the goodbye hugs were the cutest ever... I think these girls are going to be good friends, just like their mommies. :)

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  1. Oh my goodness! That's adorable! So precious. And bizarre to think forward seven years from where I am now... what my relationship with my college friends will be like at that point!