Saturday, December 19, 2015

Past Week Pictures

I have posts I want to write in my head, but with two children, my computer time is greatly limited. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing... I feel like I waste less time online and spend time more productively overall because I know I have less of it to myself! Though I still have moments of procrastination while scrolling through Facebook...

But pictures are quicker to post, and they say a picture's worth a thousand words, right? Most of these were posted to Facebook in the moment because that's quicker, but I've included them below for friends and family not on Facebook. :)

 Girls wearing Christmas bows for our first Sunday back to church here. Wonderful to reconnect with friends! Crazy to remember how long it takes to get to church, and the adventure of cab rides... especially when we end up with a smoke-filled one...

 I love how Hadassah wants to include Ellie in everything! And it often turns out that Ellie enjoys whatever it is, when I never would have thought to put here there (like in this play tunnel - Ellie was mesmerized by the light coming through!). She is blessed to have a big sister. :)

 Whenever Hadassah sees me in the kitchen, she says "Need to help Momma!" and tries to push a chair over to the counter. She has a hard time understanding when I don't have things she can help with - and it's hard to turn her down, even when it takes longer, when she loves it so! She especially loved helping make brownies the other day... And when she got flour on her clothes, which she'd worn since yesterday, I decided to just let her get all out dirty, then wet helping dishes, and change everything afterwards. ;)

 Hadassah in a box? "Want Ellie to get in box too!"

 I definitely have less time to just snuggle like I did with Hadassah as a baby... So I cherish the moments Ellie is awake while Hadassah naps, even though I have less time for chores and things, because this little one is growing up so fast. Already 6 weeks!

 Fun with glasses! The second born gets to wear things the first born never did at this age because she has a big sister who loves to share and wants her to do whatever she's doing. Makes thins pretty cute though!

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