Friday, December 11, 2015

Saturday Morning Moments

Saturday mornings are the best. Though sleeping in is a thing of the past (though sometimes one or the other of us gets a few extra minutes while the other takes child duty!) it's a time for taking things slower, staying in pajamas longer, playing with the girls more instead of chores and rushing out the door, and loving that my husband is home!

Here are a few glimpses into our morning... We're finally feeling fairly normal. Both girls only woke once last night, and each went back to bed fairly easily. The big girl got stories from Daddy (he makes up the most creative ones about her animal friends!) and the little girl got mommy milk and then projectile pooped all over me when I was changing her diaper... Just keeping it real! :)

 We got our Christmas tree up two days ago, and it makes the apartment so happy and bright. I'm so glad we got a used tree this year!

I often read stories to Hadassah while I nurse, since I'm sitting down anyway. And if there's time, it works perfectly to lay Ellie against the side cushion when she's done, and read at least one more story to give Hadassah some lap time. I love snuggling with my girls!

Then, with Daddy home, it's a bit easier to do bath time, though I can do it myself if needed. But having extra hands to run water or hand things or take one of the girls when done is helpful. With Hadassah I always used a baby bathtub, so borrowed one from friends this time around. But I found when I'm running the water and making the bathroom warm for one girl, it saves time to give them both baths at once! Hadassah enjoys the company and shows Ellie toys, and gets extra play time while I wash and dress Ellie. The Ellie got some daddy time while I washed Hadassah.

Tip: using a hand towel makes washing an infant in the big bathtub so much easier! Underneath it keeps her from slipping so you just have to support her head, and on top it keeps her warm. Perfect all the way around!

 Friends sent us matching bath towels, monogrammed with each of the girls names. I love that they're large towels too, so they can really wrap them up warm!

 Nothing gets much better than a baby under the Christmas tree. We are so blessed to have a wee one again at Christmas time!

I got this one all dressed up for a Daddy-daughter date. Can someone tell me how she grew up so fast? I braided her hair back (I love dress up my girl, and she's enjoying the special things more too!) and he took her off to Zoo Coffee shop. She was thrilled and couldn't wait to go from the time he told her about it.

And me? I got to finish up two Christmas gifts and catch up on some things online. As well as enjoy some one-on-one time with Ellie, in the brief time she's up and awake! It's funny, though, how when I just had one child it seemed like they took so much focus and time. Now, just having one or the other up and awake seems so easy! ;) I am thankful God grows us day by day, and that He grows us as mothers too. "Strengthening mothering muscles" I've heard it put. He is such a good and loving Father.

Now, what are you all up to this Christmas season? People often thank me for blogging and keeping in touch that way, and I love sharing what is going on in our little nook of the world. But, a blog is often so one-sided, and I miss the back-and-forth connection with friends. So, in a comment here, on Facebook, or an email, do make sure you all let me know what is going on in your life too! It helps us seem not so far away when we hear from friends.


  1. I'll comment! :) I'm so glad to hear the flights went well. I was definitely thinking about you guys a lot for that reason. Matt and I are prepping for the holidays too by snagging presents and decorating and enjoying the business of concerts (I'm singing with a choir so lots of concerts) and parties and such. We'll be visiting his family for Christmas and my mom is coming too, so we'll all be together. It should be really, really good. (P.S. How are you guys managing the pollution? I saw right as you flew back that it got super bad so I've been a bit worried.)

    1. Hannah, thanks so much for commenting! Always love hearing from you. I'd forgotten that you sing - glad you're able to be in a choir!

      Pollution here isn't as bad as in Beijing (the city that most usually makes national news about pollution). More days than not there is "unhealthy" levels, but so far we've only had one super bad spell. Then I just didn't go out. The other days if it's just over the "unhealthy" mark, I may go out for about 30 minutes, figuring the time outside getting some energy out for the toddler isn't too much risk. We have air purifiers in every room inside and this apartment seems more sealed, so that helps. Thanks for asking!

  2. Our kids have been busy with choir and band rehearsals and concerts. That is now finished and we now move into birthday and Christmas season. I have been busy buying gifts and mailing pkgs. I now need to organize and wrap the gifts (b'day and Christmas). Joseph's bday is the 21st; David's is the 23rd; and Helen's is the 26th. We plan on having the next couple of weeks at home; celebrate birthdays and Christmas; watch some movies; get outside for some walks. Glad y'all had safe travels and so glad to hear your new apt is warmer than the old one!

    1. So good to hear from you! Thanks for commenting! Sounds like a fun season. :) I knew Helen's birthday was near Christmas, but didn't realize you had 3 in your family so close. Have fun!