Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

 While it's a challenge having a newborn around the holidays (such as efforts to get enough sleep for both her and you, and thus missing out on some family things!) we are so so thankful that we were able to be home for Thanksgiving. As an added blessing, we got to spend Thanksgiving week with ALL of my (Anna's) 6 siblings and their families, as well as some friends, for a total of 28 people around the Thanksgiving table.

Especially neat? Our first neighbor from China was here too! He is spending a year in the states for his work, and he flew all the way from California to spend over a week with us in Alabama!
Thank You, Lord, for this friend from China, who we never thought we'd be with while in America!

 Mom, daughter-in-law, and her daughter - 3 generations working together on the delicious feast! Thank You, Lord, for all the family that has blessed us with meals so amazingly!

 My dad watched over an excellent turkey, as always!
Thank You, Lord, for my Dad and the fact that his cancer is gone and he came through surgeries so well last year.

 This year we're a family of four... so much to be thankful for!
Thank You, Lord, for my husband and daughters... Wow.

 There was lots of delicious food - and cute young Indians and pilgrims joining us! :)
Thank You, Lord, for Your bountiful goodness.

 This year we're especially thankful for our newest blessing, who slept through the whole meal (thus letting her mommy eat!).
Thank You, Lord, for the gift of new life.

 Only in the South do you get to eat your Thanksgiving feast OUTSIDE! What a beautiful day!
Thank You, Lord, for Alabama.

 Loved seeing my nieces hold their cousin. I remember when Lisa Beth was the baby in MY arms, and now she's holding my daughter!
Thank You, Lord, for the joy of extended family.

 You know it's good when the dessert takes up almost the same amount of room as the main meal! But when you're feeding 28 people... 
Thank You, Lord, for the delight of good food.

 Huge, tall trees against blue BLUE sky still haven't lost their fascination for me. :)
Thank You, Lord, for such beautiful weather and magnificent creation!

My parents, with their 13th grandchild. They have been wonderful hosts to us all this week too!
Thank You, Lord, for my parents and their legacy...

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