Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Barefoot Walks

When the light hits right, some trees look golden...
 I grew up in the country. Happily so. Down at the end of a dirt road that scares first time visitors, it was peaceful and secluded. Safe. The long, winding "driveway" to our place was the perfect setting for walks where I'd memorize Scripture, talk on the phone (cell phone coverage didn't work well in the valley!), or just pray and try to sort through emotions. Often, those walks took place barefoot, because really, there's nothing like a barefoot walk.

Fast forward 'til now. Somehow, God decided that this happy-in-the-country girl should live in the 5th largest city in the world. Granted, we live in more of the "suburbs" but there are still people everywhere. Paths are concrete. And life in an apartment means no quick trips outside, so walking outside barefoot is out of the question (not to mention the looks/comments I would get from well-meaning grandmas if I took my daughter out without shoes!).

But here, we've been blessed to be immersed in nature once again. We still notice how amazing it smells. And I love taking my daughter out to explore, walking on the roads now becoming familiar to her as well, eating raindrops from small pine trees, throwing rocks and sticks in puddles, and examining little bugs and creatures we find along the way. Except for snakes. Even at 38 weeks pregnant when we came across one, I could still jump and run!

 One of the nice things about Ryan currently working remotely from home is the ability he has to go for family walks with us in the late afternoon. He often works some in the evening (morning back in Shanghai), so this provides a nice break and time to be together. We start out in shoes, to get over the more rocky ground...

 We happened to get out right at the perfect gloaming light yesterday...

 Once we reach the top of the hill, Hadassah's pleas for "take off shoes and walk in the nice sand?" begin. :)

 And she loves it! A daughter after my own heart. :)

 She likes to walk with her on one side and one of us on the other. Ryan and I often hold hands (so nice to just let Hadassah walk and not worry about cars or bikes or people running into her!) and sometimes if we're not for a moment, she'll notice and say "Mama Dada hold hands?"

 This site never fails to make us thank the Lord for His beautiful creation.

 Though it be November, it is warm and we have very little fall color. But this tree always makes me think of a turkey, with its many colors.
Walking barefoot does have its risks. We've learned about ant bites. And I can still carry my biggest daughter briefly if the need for a cuddle arises. :)

 Family togetherness and time in the country. Such a blessing!

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