Sunday, November 8, 2015


As anticipated, having two little girls is simply amazing... I love seeing my girls be sisters!

After a morning of being taken care of by Grandma and Aunt Megan and a good nap at Grandma's house, they brought Hadassah up to us. In thinking about adding another baby, I knew that initially after not seeing my firstborn all day from labor, I'd want my arms free to give her a hug and have her reunite with Mommy. Then, we went over together so that Hadassah could meet the new addition...

She was absolutely enthralled. We pointed out all of the cute little features of baby Ellie, and Hadassah was so happy that, after ALL of the talk, Eliana had finally come out of mommy's tummy to see her!

 Hadassah wants to share everything with Ellie. Even her beloved "ni-night" lamb blanket - she wanted to lay it by Ellie while she slept. :)

 Ryan has been amazing. Incredible. He's regulated me to the upstairs to help me really rest (which, much as I tease him about it, has been so good for me). He gets up after being woken up multiple times by the newborn to get the toddler up and going in the morning. He makes breakfast and brings it upstairs so we can all eat together. He takes care of laundry and the morning dishes, and so much more. And it definitely helps having grandparents just down the hill who take turns with Hadassah and provide lunch and dinner for us! We are so blessed.

And we love being a family of four. Hadassah was intrigued when we told her we were a family of four now, and loved counting us over and over.

 The girls are already pretty taken with each other. It's so much fun watching them interact!

 I am now a mother to TWO. Two girls... my lap is full and it feels amazing. I remember growing up and all I wanted to be was a wife and mommy. I hoped to have girls at least at some point, and what fun having two to start with! Thank you, Lord...

 Gramny Wolfe bought matching outfits - and oh what cuteness to see them matching!

Somehow their arms ended up the same way, which made for too much adorableness. But the challenges of a two-year-old with a baby are definitely there too. To be completely honest, the photo shoot had to stop just after this, because Hadassah's stroking Ellie's head turned into pulling her hair... Yes, still working on learning gentleness! ;)

Thank you, Lord, for giving us two little girls who get to grow up as sisters...

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