Monday, November 2, 2015

Sewing for My Girls

Nothing quite so cute as trim for little girls!
 Knowing that life in the states would be easier - less chores (especially due to staying with family), easy access to fabric stores, both with a car to drive there and being able to understand how things are set up (not to mention everyone speaks English!) - I made plans to make matching dresses for my daughters. I was always a little sad that I've done hardly any sewing for Hadassah, after finally having a daughter of my own, so I hope to make it up now that I'll have two girls who can match!

So a few weeks ago, two friends (and former dance students, sisters of a girl I taught to sew who then taught them!) met me at Hobby Lobby. We spent over an hour deciding on patterns and fabric and trim, but had a wonderful time. I could definitely get lost in that store happily... And it was so nice to have people to brainstorm with and get excited about the cuteness together!

And I spent way too much on one trip to Hobby Lobby, but I  found a gift card in my wallet which helped, and knowing I just had limited time I didn't have time to wait for a lot of sales. Plus, I've been saving so much money on clothes for next year from thrift stores, I figured it was okay. ;)

 After picking up lunch, we headed back to start the long process of cutting the dresses out! Very very ambitiously I thought we'd get everything cut out and a good dent of sewing done, but cutting out took most of the afternoon while Hadassah napped. But hey, it's always the part I enjoy the least, so it was really nice having company to talk with while doing it and to knock it all out at once.

 Last week I finished sewing the first set. A friend in Indiana gave me this fabric, which may fit soon after Ellie is born, and will hopefully last through Valentine's Day. :)

 Then I ran into issues with the pinafore (to go with gingham dresses for Easter), and the only time I had to work on sewing I was too tired to think much. So, I kinda procrastinated... But finally today my mom watched Hadassah for an hour in the morning and I was able to figure it out with a clear mind, and get excited about sewing again! I only finished Hadassah's, but made some headway on Eliana's.

This fabric + lace combination may be my favorite. :) Sized bigger, intended for summer, one of the girls started this dress, then my sister-in-law Megan worked on more of it when she joined me for an afternoon of sewing, and finally I finished it today. Again, I need to make little Ellie's matching dress, but it's smaller so should hopefully go faster!

Last week a mom and two daughters came over to help make these felt paper dolls + clothes. I'd seen the idea here and thought it would be fun for Hadassah and to give as some Christmas gifts. But I knew I'd probably never get around to it unless I made plans to do it with someone, and I was right. Plus, busy hands help aid conversation, and we got way more done than I'd ever have made myself (these plus 2 more outfits per doll!). 

It has been so nice to have time for more crafts and sewing, and it gives me something to distract myself from wanting to just have this baby already! ;) Plus I have more incentive to sew this week and hopefully finish more dresses, knowing time is quite limited until a baby will fill my arms! 

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  1. Aww... the legacy continues. =) The first thing you taught me to sew was matching dresses for me and my sisters, and remember when you made us each our own set of paper dolls? Now we get to help you make dresses and dolls for your own girlies. =)