Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Newborn Photo shoot for Eliana Grace

On Friday, a dear friend gave us a newborn photo shoot! Things have really come full circle, as this friend took photos for all of my dance and theatre productions, then took our engagement photos, then did a fun photo booth at our wedding reception. Now, she photographed our second child! How time flies and life changes...

She brought her three daughters along to enjoy the baby (and they were great playmates for Hadassah!) so we had to get a picture of her Ellie with our Ellie. :) Different full names, but same nickname!

 Hadassah was great for her pictures with Ellie - she still has her toddler moments, but is overall very gentle with her little sister!

 I am a blessed Mama!

 There are four pairs of feet in our family now!

 All of the family pictures taken since Ellie was born has one or both children crying. But they're still cute :)

 Daddy and his girls! Seriously... my husband is an amazing father of daughters!

 Mommy and her sweeties... While it is definitely challenging when both girls are needing me at the same time, I love being mommy to two!

 Then we went into the more "newborn" portraits... Which Eliana was determinedly awake for! She didn't want to give us any sleepy baby poses, but had to keep an eye on the camera. ;)

We managed to get her to close her eyes for quick camera clicks some though! Our little gift from above...

Precious... New life is so amazing.

We are so thankful for our newest little blessing...

...from her kissable head to her adorable toes...

Robyn was amazing and patient, spending 2 hours with us to get some great shots, and giving me time to nurse Ellie and try to calm her to sleep for some more relaxed photos. It finally worked!

So peaceful...

Our Eliana Grace

Little feet... can't get enough of them!

We had seen this pose on Pinterest and it was one Ryan really wanted to do, but it definitely did NOT work when Ellie was wide awake for the beginning pictures. So at the end, we finally got one. :)

Welcome to our world, little girl!

Special thanks to Robyn Clement for these amazing photos!

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