Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Eliana's First Outing

Hadassah loves having company in the back seat!
 The first outing. Usually it's to the grandparents' house, or to church, or perhaps baby's first visit to the pediatrician. But for our cross-cultural baby?

 To the pharmacy to get her passport picture taken!

Not many 5-day old babies can claim that as their first outing! But we are extremely blessed to already have Eliana's birth certificate in hand (thanks to my dad's doctor signature and connections in the office that does birth certificates!) so, with our return tickets to China less than a month away, we need to get started on the passport application process. Prayers that it will go quickly and smoothly with no complications with it or Ellie's visa are appreciated!

Since we were already out and Hadassah hadn't been out in over a week, we stopped at the park for 20 minutes. I love seeing her discover playgrounds I enjoyed as a child!

 I sat on the bench and watched the play with this sleeping cutie. The fresh air was a bit cool, but so refreshing!

 While I don't like the bags under my eyes, it keeps things real... The first four nights, Ellie woke every 2 hours on the dot. Every 2 hours from when she last woke, so with at least 30 minutes spent nursing and changing diapers and getting her settled back down, there hasn't been much sleep for this momma. But last night she gave me a few stretches where she woke every 2 1/2 hours, so it's amazing what a bit more sleep does! And I have hopes she'll keep stretching things out... But also cherishing these times, as the newborn stage passes so fast.

After all that sleep (she didn't wake even though being put in and out of her car seat multiple times) she had some nice wake time with Daddy. He always thinks of the most creative things, like the black, white and red scarf she loves looking at as he moves it around.

Happy first outing, little girl! 

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