Sunday, November 1, 2015

Looking forward to our Little One

In addition to taking Hadassah's 2 year-old pictures, our friend Lexi from Griffin Photography also blessed us with a family maternity photo shoot! Armed with pinterest ideas, we had such fun! Lexi's sweetness and laid-back personality was so easy to work with. Pretty crazy to think that I taught her ballet when she was little and now she's taking our pictures!

We had to put off the pictures twice due to plans changing and then rain, so I was relieved to still be pregnant when we finally got them in, right on the 39th week of pregnancy mark!

Lexi managed to capture some great shots, despite fading light and a toddler's fleeting smiles! Below are some of my favorites.

 I couldn't walk through pregnancy without this man. He literally has my back, knowing how to pop it in just the right places, and giving me massages that prevent (or help take away) headaches... My husband is such a blessing!

 It's still so amazing to think about a BABY being inside of me. Even having gone through it makes the realization so much more amazing... I will miss feeling her sweet movements inside soon, but not her feet in my ribs! ;)

 We are blessed to be parents to TWO children... one in and one out!

 One low, one high :)

 All because two people fell in love...

 So thankful for this gift of life.

 I love our Eliana Grace so much already!

 And he loves her too :)

 It such a blessing to be able to look forward together!

And even with young children, the romance doesn't die... love and life together just gets better!

 I'm so excited for Hadassah to be a big sister... Already she loves giving Ellie hugs and kisses through the belly :)

She seems to sense the excitement of it all.

 And she loves to feel her little sister move when she can. I can't wait until they can see each other!

 Pink booties soon to be used again... 

We are so thankful and excited! We'll be holding another little one in perhaps just a few more days!!

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