Saturday, November 14, 2015

Grandparents are amazing!

 The title says it all. Grandparents are amazing. They are making the transition of one child to two children so much easier!

My parents have been such gracious hosts, providing so many meals, helping clean everything up and do laundry after the birth, taking Hadassah for an hour (or hours!) here and there when she just needs to play and we need to sleep or do chores, and of course being happy holders of baby Ellie during meals to allow me to eat. :)

My dad built the guest house Eliana was born in - researching and doing everything himself, with my sibling's help, except for pouring the foundation and spackling the ceilings. It definitely took years, but now it is such a blessing when any of us comes to visit, and really is what made coming back for the birth possible.

 I am so thankful for the opportunity our girls have to get to know my parents more! Being really close by for these two months helps make up for being SO far away the rest of the year.

Ryan's parents have been so understanding as we haven't been able to be at their place as much this time, and made the drive down to Alabama the weekend after Eliana was born. So they got to meet her and enjoy her newborn-ness as she was just 2 days old!

 Grammy Wolfe bought these matching outfits too, which are so cute and fun!

 And they didn't forget about Hadassah with gifts either. She is so delighted with the puzzles they've given her, and it has helped us immensely as she'll do the puzzles over and over again throughout the day. ;)

While they came to meet Eliana, much of their weekend was spent showering Hadassah with extra love and attention, as mommy was pretty out of it, needing to stay upstairs to heal and sleep as she could, and Daddy was tired too with all the extra "Mommy" chores on him. They spent many hours outside playing, going for walks, and just entertaining her inside too. It made the first weekend after birth extra special for Hadassah, with "all the grandparents!" around, so it hasn't seemed too much of a shock to her to suddenly have a little baby around taking more of mommy's time.

We are so thankful for the grandparents our girls have been given, and the times we have with them!

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