Thursday, April 7, 2016

Another post office endeavor

We've been here almost 2 years now. But getting to the post office hasn't really become easier! ;) So here's the random adventure of today... Could be titled "4th time's a charm?" or "Why I hardly ever try to mail a letter..."

So yes. Today we finally made it. But it was the 4th try.

First one was a week ago. I wrote a letter for the first time since returning to China while Hadassah colored, as we were going on a picnic with friends and would be walking right past a place I'd seen a post office. But on the way there I didn't want to dampen the excitement of getting to the park by stopping, and on the way back, the kids were already melting down as it was past nap time. Another day.

Then on Tuesday the girls were both actually awake at the right time to go before the office closed at 4:30 PM (as listed on the English version of the university's website). Wrote a quick birthday card for my sister to accompany the other letter and finally made it out the door at 4 PM. Only to bump into Ryan, unexpectedly coming back to get some money to pay the taxi downstairs on his way to get documents from a random office to send for our taxes to be done. "Jump in with me!" he said, so I discarded my plan to borrow my friend's bike and went with him. The taxi dropped the girls and I off across the street from the office I'd seen. The sign was lighted up and everything, but the office was closed and empty. At least it was next door to "Zoo Coffee" for Hadassah to play at until Ryan picked us up on his way bike. Strike 2.

This morning I was determined. Ellie woke earlier than normal from her morning nap, so I figured she could get another little nap in the Ergo as I rode my friend's bike with Hadassah in the seat on the back. Took me four times of saying "let's go!" only to remember something I'd forgotten, but we finally got out the door and loaded up. And what a beautiful day for riding a bike!! We wound our way around to the place I'd found last year on campus that had a post office. Only to find the building was in renovations, and my gesturing to my letters and saying I wanted to buy postage to a lady at another random desk yielded no results, so I headed home. Ellie is taking longer to fall asleep in the Ergo carrier these days, so she was still moving around until we were almost home. Dassah confirmed that yes, her eyes were closed (since I didn't have a good angle to check) so I asked "Are you good, Dassah, if we keep riding?" and she was. Thankfully one of those last minute things I'd grabbed on my way out the door had been pretzels, and she was happily eating a snack as I rode.

So finally, I went to the only other place I knew around here. Down Cang Yuan Lu. Turn right on Dong Chuan Lu. Cross the big intersection at Hu Min Lu. And yes, it's open! Hadassah did a great job sitting on the bench sipping water from her cup or crawling around on it (told her she could get off ;) ) while I got the postage.

So, happy 21st birthday, Jubilee. Your card is finally in the mail. Look for it in the next 2-3 weeks or so. :)

But, we made it. Though Ellie woke up on the ride home, she was happy to just look around and wait to nurse until we were back. There were leftovers in the fridge for a quick warming up (since all of that riding had taken 1 1/2 hours!), and we even got to go outside to play after lunch.

 And with the sunshine so warm and two days of rain past, I couldn't resist Hadassah's desire to play in the puddles.

Especially when we saw some friends outside and they were doing it too. Sure, she managed to get her pants wet too, but hey, you're only a child once. And she'd been so patient riding on the back of a bike half the morning! I did "super baby!" with Ellie in the shade and enjoyed the children's delight. Though I don't think Hadassah understand why I didn't want to join her when she invited me to take my shoes off too. Maybe I should have... ;)

 But we had a happy Dassah in the elevator on the way up. Yes, we almost always end up with a stick too... We have a pile of them outside of our door.

You just never know what a day will hold! But what a beautiful day outside (at "moderate" air quality in addition!) it has been.

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