Monday, April 4, 2016

Walking before the sun went down

Looking back at last year's pictures, as I begin making our 2015 photo book, I noticed that the month of March definitely has the most pictures of them all. I have a feeling that this year we'll end up with the same imbalance. Spring is just so beautiful around here, it's hard to resist capturing it as best we can with the camera. The following works of art are courtesy of Ryan. When the day was so beautiful early last week, I called him and asked if he wanted to go for a walk while we still had the sun. He came home from work an hour early, and we so enjoyed God's creation...

 Blossoms over water

 Pink and green
 Camera effects adding to the artistry already there

 White against light blue... the day was absolutely perfect!

 Hadassah has discovered that if she goes up to people who have food, they usually give it to her. So although I had forgotten to bring bread for the birds (Murphy's Law, I always bring crumbs when the birds end up not being around and always forget when they end up being there...) she snagged a cracker from someone else. ;)

 Light and dark contrasts... Such a peaceful place to walk

 White and bright

 A sleepy little one woke up after a while. Oh how I love my sweet baby!

 So Ellie got some Daddy carry time on the way back while Hadassah got to ride in the Ergo. It had been almost a year since I carried her in the Ergo, so she thought it was pretty special! It was surprisingly not too hard either, despite her big girl size! And Ryan was ever the gentleman and gave me his shirt to wear since I thought it wasn't cold enough to warrant a sweater. I always underestimate the late afternoon wind, though, and somehow he's never as cold as I am, so it all worked out. :)

My big girl and her travel puppy!

 Pear blossoms in bloom

Hadassah always loves walking on this "balancing beam" - has since she started to walk a year and a half ago! How time flies...

Beauty. Thank You, Lord.

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