Thursday, April 14, 2016

Twenty Highlights from Mo Gan Shan

Last weekend we were blessed to go to Mo Gan Shan... a beautiful mountain with forests about a 4 hour drive from where we live in Shanghai. Ryan's coworkers organized the trip and were so gracious in bringing us along. It was so relaxing to get out in nature and be away from the chores of home. Hadassah loved playing outside so much and we just enjoyed being together as a family and getting to know some of Ryan's coworkers and their families better.

We took over 600 pictures in two days, and I posted a Facebook album with close to 80 pictures. But here I just wanted to post 20 of my favorites from the weekend. :)

 We tried to caravan with 2 other cars on the way there but got separated, so had to spend about an hour at a little stop half-way up the mountain. But we didn't mind too much as it was just so refreshing to be in nature!

 Our lovely accommodations for the weekend!

 Hadassah so so loved being able to play outside almost the whole time!

 We got to hike up a bit and along the edge of the mountain late afternoon on Saturday. I had so missed the feeling of being surrounded by trees...

 The spring green. It's real!

 A door along the way. I seriously love Chinese architecture!

 Ellie got Ergo naps for two days straight but was a sweet sport about it (though my shoulders were sore!).

 Beautiful overlook at dusk

 We were given one room with one bed. Our Chinese friends suggested we all share the one bed, but thankfully there was room in the car to bring a pack 'n play. Meant to use it for Ellie and put Hadassah on blankets on the floor, but the floors were wood, not carpet, and she moves around a lot. So, we put the not-yet-rolling front-to-back Ellie on the floor and hoped she wouldn't start rolling that night. ;) She didn't and both girls slept all night which was much better than we'd anticipated with the craziness of travel!

 Time outside with the girls in the early morn :)

 Morning mountain mist
 I like gates and doors, what can I say?

 Dassah and QiQi, the son of the co-worker/friend who organized the trip. They've played many places together! And it was great having a balcony to the outdoors just off of our room! I could nurse Ellie inside and Hadassah could play outside in a contained space as I watched her. Perfection!

 Off on a morning waterfall hike! This carrier we borrowed from friends for Hadassah was a lifesaver!

 The first little waterfall along the way

 These signs made us laugh :)

 It was beautiful and worth the (literally) thousands of stairs all the way to the bottom and back up again...

 Trees!! Surrounded by high-rise apartment buildings at home makes me appreciate being surrounded by trees so much more!

 We made it to the bottom and even all the way back up. Legs ached, but it felt so good to get exercise and be out in clear, clean air!

Best of all, we made memories as a family. The girls may not remember first-hand, but we'll have the pictures to show them they were here.

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