Thursday, April 7, 2016

Picnic by the Huangpu River

It was a great family Saturday morning.

 Little girl likes to play just like Daddy...

 We went to our favorite park by the river... first time for Ellie!

 Her smiles and interest in life are the best!

 Dassah loves to explore. So much fun to see what catches her attention :)

The boats are often big. We enjoy watching them passed by, and Dassah is especially thrilled if they do a loud HONK!

 God's amazingness.

 We enjoyed our picnic. Forgot a blanket, but found some young grass that wasn't prickly!

 Dassah loved running over the bridge!

Brought back memories of when she wasn't even one year old and had to have help to do so - she kept wanting to do it until the grandparents wore out! ;)

 Still beauty.
 We wandered through the woods on the way back. Did us all good, and Dassah had fun for at least 15 minutes imagining things (like finding squirrels and chasing away growly bears) with her big bamboo stick :)

We are so thankful for times like these...

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