Friday, August 5, 2016

Our Happy 9 Month Old

 Little Miss Ellie is already 9 months old! She's clapping because she's happy about it - she's been clapping for the past two weeks, always so pleased with herself for it! She's learning to do it to say "more" sometimes (since the baby sign is similar to clapping) and copies me clapping for "patty cake" or when I sing "hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah!" All in all, she's been such a happy baby!

 She's on the go WAY more than Hadassah was at this age... Probably because she's trying to keep up with Hadassah (as the above picture proves!). She's crawling everywhere, cruising the furniture, can climb up small risers on the playground, and just today climbed up on a low couch!

 She's still rolly and squishy and snuggly and has all the best chub... She's been such an absolute delight as a baby! I'm just a wee sad to know she's growing up, and that in these next three months she'll really move from baby to more of a toddler... But I love seeing her sweet personality develop and am excited to see how God continues to shape her!

 Pink and rosy, bright and sunny... My little blue eyes.

 Big sister blue eyes helped me take the pictures this month. She's clutching a Candyland card, because that is her absolute ever favorite game these days. She thinks the goal is the get the "special" cards, and will sometimes play the game by herself with just the special cards, cycling through them and moving her piece with delight. How did she become an almost 3 year old? Makes me realize how fast Ellie will grow...

 For now, she loves crawling best of all. She is very fast, often getting somewhere before I expect it, so I spend my days rescuing papers and getting little things before she can put them in her mouth. Having just baby toys within reach was easier when we just had one baby. Now, Ellie is VERY interested in all the little piece, paper or pokey toys Hadassah has most of all. So we're definitely working on teaching boundaries. Thankfully so far Ellie responds to "no - that is a do-not-touch!" pretty well, at least pausing, and sometimes turning away right away!

Pulling up is her favorite activity. While I cook sometimes I'll give her a basket of toys in the dining room, but often she only plays with them a minute or two before pulling up on the chairs. Which is okay, until she decides to crawl under the table and pull of there, usually bumping her head in the process!

Eliana Grace, our 9 month old.

*waves and says "hi" * claps * has fun splashing! * crawls and cruises * pulls up on everything * can stand solo for a few seconds * sits up on her knees and bounces * safely lets herself down * likes to hold hands and practice walking * usually sleeps 7/7: 30 PM to 6/6:30 AM (with exceptions!) * usually has two predictable naps a day, 9-10:30 AM and 1-2:30 PM (with, again, plenty of milestone and sickness interruptions!) * expert at eating with her fingers * eats almost anything happily! * new favorites include yogurt, halved grapes, shredded chicken, beans, and always cheerios! * has a slow smile towards strangers ;) * but protests immediately if taken from Mama! * loves and laughs at Daddy's antics * lights up when she sees Hadassah * has pretty strong separation anxiety * but music helps calm her down * dances to music with torso and arms * loves being twirled around * loves and sometimes initiates peek-a-boo * enjoys crawling through tunnels * sits still to be read to! * as long as the books have baby faces or flaps * can open flaps and turn board book pages * favorite book is "God Made Everything" * smiles and laughs at animal noises * fascinated watching butterflies, dogs and cats *  signs "all done" and is learning "more" * understands simple things like "sit down" and "come to mommy" * makes the cutest sound as her hands patter on the floor while crawling * usually happy to play alone (especially if mom is in sight) * 30 inches tall * fits 18 month clothes comfortably * almost 25 lbs * working on pushing through teeth #9 and #10 * 

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