Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sisters at the end of Summer

 It's hard to believe summer is nearly over. September is upon us. Thankfully that means a little cooler weather. Recently our daily walk (to the play ground - sometimes three times a day!) has been more breezy and beautiful lately.

 This sweet black cat is always happy for a pat from a little girl.

 Every now and then the light is just right and on the 10th picture both girls smile at the same time. This was the perfect background too...

 ...even if it was a big machine! :)

 This is where I buy our fruit. Somehow I don't always notice all the Chinese every where. It feels like home.

 The stacks of steamed buns with a puppy dog toy... they're the sites of daily life one day we'll want to have recorded (thanks to Ryan for thinking to capture these!).

 The sidewalks and roads have been in upheaval lately as they replace pipes. It's amazing how quickly a team of men can fix things though. Sometimes I bike by as they take their after lunch nap, laying on a piece of cardboard, their head propped up on a brick. Makes me realize how much I take comforts for granted.

 Walking back home, you've got to love how the huge machine has a spot for the simpler tools.

 This little one always enjoys a chance to feel bamboo leaves...

 And when this one never falls asleep for a nap, what with a lingering cough and growing up and skipping sleep every now and then, somehow I can't be too upset when once I finally let her out of her room, she wants to put on her ballet stuff and says "give me a ballet lesson, mommy!"

Amid the daily grind of hanging laundry, sights like these make me pause and give thanks. Wherever we go, Lord, let them always be friends... sisters standing side by side.

 Our photo book for this year is going to be full of sky pictures. But the best canvas is the sky...

 We literally watched the sun go down, seeing it sink before our eyes.

 And when an airplane adds to the peaceful beauty, we take a moment to enjoy it and kiss, though the background sounds quickly turn to some whines and crying. The moment passes, we go to help the littles, but we have the photo to always remember this sky's particular beauty.

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