Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sweet Sister Sewing

While Danielle and Alex were here, I made a short list of projects I wanted to do since I had help with chores and children. It was only about one per week (because somehow most of my time stayed filled!) but some of them were fun sewing projects. :)

Like these adorable matching skirts! Our good friends that live in our building had a baby girl the end of June, so I just had to make something for her and her big sister (who is Hadassah's age). I so enjoyed working with this fabric. Polka dots may become my new favorite for girls! And matching skirts took way less time to make than dresses with zippers and sleeves...

 Though towards the end I thought of adding snap on straps for the baby, since I made the skirt a little big so she could fit it as she grows. Little straps make a perfect newborn dress!

 With extra polka dots and trim found on Taobao, I finally finished the aprons I've been wanting to make for the girls and I! They were super simple. I used aprons we already had to cut them out, then did bias tape around the edges. The only stuff I could find here online is some kind of stretchy synthetic, so it took time to get used to sewing with, and I accidentally melted some when I tried to iron. Oops! But aprons don't have to be perfect, and I learned how to work with it by the end. Bias tape is a new favorite, as it saves having to hem!

 It's fun matching my girls. :) Dassah loves wearing hers, and it won't be long before Ellie will be clamoring to help too!

 And remember those dresses my friend and sis-in-law helped me make before Ellie was born? I literally finished them the night I went into labor. ;) Well, they fit them now and turned out so cute! Pink, lace, and ruffles... Doesn't get much better!

We are so blessed! And sewing just does something for my soul... What a blessing to be able to do it even in China thanks to my IKEA sewing machine!

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  1. So fun to see all your sweet creations! The aprons are the cutest! :-)