Thursday, August 11, 2016

Peddling to a Post Office

Given the post office escapades I've been on since moving to China, I wasn't really surprised when we showed up at the post office and found it closed. I mean, I think in the entire two years of living here, I've only mailed a letter on the first try ONCE. So this time, I just laughed...

 But Danielle's mom had requested a picture of her in front of a Chinese post office, so at least the sign was still there even if the doors were barred! For when Danielle was a mere 8 years old, she had declared she would one day live in China to share God's light, and have as her job working at a post office and delivering mail on a bike. ;)

So it was only fitting that Danielle biked to a post office while she was in China. :) Her direction in life has changed from her 8 year old dreams, but it will always be cool that she was able to spend 6 weeks in this country!

 And at least our morning excursion was not in vain. I decided to check the other China Post in the area on the way back. I'd seen the sign for months but never seen it open so I didn't have too much hope, but ta-da! I was actually able to mail my letter on the first day I tried. ;)

 And just look at the sky we had!! It was hot not in the shade, but the breeze makes it better when you bike. And with sky like this, I decided to just keep riding, since I had about 45 minutes before Ellie was likely to wake from her morning nap. Horray for having someone to stay home so I could go out while she slept!

 So my little backseat girl and I kept biking. One of the sweetest things about Danielle and Alex staying was that I was able to do more things with just my big girl. While having a sibling is so good for learning things and growing in character and not having everything revolve around you, it is a big adjustment. So ti was special to have more connection time and have time to focus on what a cool girl Hadassah has become.

 Since it WAS hot, and our favorite Secret Garden seems to be closed for summer break, we went to a little coffee shop on campus. I gave Hadassah the choice of which treat to get, and she picked the chocolate-iest of all chocolate treats! Girl after my own heart! ;)

 It wasn't long before it was gone! I had to eat quickly to keep up with her, so that I could eat at least half of it and prevent her from ingesting ALL that chocolate! But boy was it good! ;)

 We then walked a little around what I've deemed "Lotus Lake." Fun to be with my big girl without a baby in arms (much as I love going out with Ellie too!).

 We admired the flowers...

 And the incredible view. That sky!! Seriously, the sky has been so amazing lately! Each day it is blue is like a special gift. We've had lots of those gifts lately!

We played with a big stick in the water, then headed home. As we biked, we talked about generosity and the blessing it is. I had told her to leave her big stick on the ground to be generous to the next person who might want one, and she said "I don't want to be generous." I love being with her during the day to have these teachable moments, though. As we wrestled with scanning the card to unlock the door, trying to balance a bike with a girl on the bike and somehow manage to open a door and get inside (just to manage getting into an elevator with a bike!) we somehow got on the topic of grace and God's grace to us. It just reminds me of what a blessing it is to be home during the day, to have these teachable times to talk about character and the Lord amid the dailyness of life. Being a mom is one of the greatest challenges and biggest blessings I've been given so far. 

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