Friday, October 14, 2016

Colorful Smiles

When my sweet friend suggested we meet up for the kids to have fun with color powder, I was a bit skeptical though I agreed right away as time together is too rare these days. But this powder seemed a lot for three year olds, when I usually see it used for teens and adults! But I underestimated the absolute fun Dassah - and me! - would have with it. There were a lot of smiles this morning!

Aiden had done it before, so he demonstrated how it should be done...

 The kids soon decided it was more fun to chase and sprinkle me than it was to chase each other. ;) Guess they loved my fake "oh no!" and exclamations. ;) But I really didn't mind. It was beautiful weather to run around with, and the smiles they had couldn't be beat.

 Such pure childhood joy!

 Someone's happy to be all colorful!

 And what fun to do it with a friend!

 We had to get a colored selfie at the end. I want to remember this with my girlie.

The kids liked the flip-up screen that let them see themselves, so another random little boy came over to join the picture too. :)

Clean up took as long as the running and sprinkling fun, but it was worth it for a special time. Dassah always enjoys baths, and the powder washed right out of clothes and hair easily. A fun way to spend a Saturday morning!

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