Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Our 11 month Tutu Baby-turning-Toddler

 I feel like this month has been one of transitions. Ellie is gaining a lot of independence and becoming more a toddler than a baby... It is bittersweet!

 She has long legs and still so much cutely perfect chub. :) But seriously - she's big! I pulled out the 18 month footed pjs with the weather getting cooler only to discover she was ready to pop out of them. On to the 2T size it is!

 And her sweet face... Every time I look at her though I realize how grown up she is getting! I have treasured each month of babyhood, and yet it still goes by so quickly.

She's walking. She stands steadily. And while she prefers to walk between people, sometimes she just lets go of furniture and goes for something she wants. Or crouches, stands, and takes steps. She's strong!

Our Eliana Grace, we love you.

At 11 months you:

*love to smile at people* but hate to be taken away from Mommy * like other babies * added "roar" and "blub blub" to your animal noises * can say "baby" and all your family's names * "uh oh" is still your favorite word * say "um-um" when you want to eat * have a special giggle that only comes with big sister * have 15 teeth * eat almost everything, though aren't fond of citris or squishy fruit like kiwi * always think mommy's plate has better food than yours ;) * love to splash * enjoy zooming around in a swimming ring * give the BEST snuggle cuddles * are fully attached to your ni-night lamb * understand so much * test boundaries and no-nos ;) * weigh 26 pounds * 32 inches tall * usually sleep 10-11 hours at night and take two 1 1/2 hour naps * typically nurse at 6:30 AM, 10:30-11 AM, 3 PM and 7:15 PM * like to "feed" Daddy toys and Mommy bits of your food * love sharing with sister * standing strong * walk (and laugh and clap while you do!) * climb on small chairs * love to dance and be spun * go down slides on your tummy * crawl up and climb stairs with help * adore animals of any kind * still "baa" at every dog you see * say "hi" with play phone to your ear * love playing peekaboo *

And so much more... There's no way to capture all the cute sweetness of our Ellie. But these posts will help me remember. :)

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