Thursday, October 20, 2016

Girls and Gates

 When Dassah says, "Let's sit on this bench and take a picture of me hugging Ellie" you really can't resist, right? :)

But we did have to cut it short because Ellie had the "Help - I'm being strangled!" face pretty quickly. At the heights they're at, it's really hard for Dassah to hug Ellie without strangling her, because her arms are right at her neck... The love is genuine, but we're working on the execution of it! ;)

If the weather is good enough (ie, not raining!) we often find ourselves at our "Secret Garden" after afternoon naps. It's a beautiful botanical garden, just 15 minutes away by bike. There I can let Hadassah wander without fear of cars or bikes coming up suddenly, and even let her practice her tree climbing skills. :)

Or gates, as the case may be. ;)

 Their recent favorite spot has been this big, always locked gate. They love hanging on it, holding on to it and jumping, and clanging a few metal pieces.

I couldn't help but take some pictures, because this is the way I pray for them to be... Side by side, sisters and friends, playing and talking and sharing life. I love seeing glimpses of this more and more as they're continuing to grow.

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