Sunday, October 9, 2016

D is for Donuts and Doggies

We seriously take a lot of pictures. ;) And with recent crafting I am so behind on blogging them. One thing at a time, and maybe I'll just skip some... But I've had this post in drafts for a while, and if nothing else it's a catalog for me to look back on one day when I'm planning activities for other children. ;) 

We don't just do letter of the week activities... I'm a fan of other activities too! This chalk letter game was a fun idea - Hop on H, Stomp on S, Twirl on T, etc. Dassah wasn't into it though. Better suited for older kids I think!

She was more interested in climbing a tree. ;)

D is for Ducks! Dassah enjoyed rolling a dice, counting the dots, and putting in the correct number of ducks. :)

Every week I let her do a page in an alphabet sticker book - something she can do independently while I get something done, and something she is always thrilled to do! She's starting to color and even trace some, which is pretty cool! But I'm not pushing writing letters yet. She knows how to write some just by trying, and if she's interested I practice with her, but right now "preschool" is mostly for play!

D is for diamond stickers and doll stickers, dragon flys, and a dog craft. The idea was to have a tongue sticking out and no smile on this one, but she had to draw a smile, of course! And who am I to say no? ;)

This was a cool pinterest idea that worked well!

Dassah really enjoyed it too! Now I keep it under the kitchen sink and pull it out when I'm cooking and need her occupied for a few minutes. And it works! :D

D is for doctor! We play with her doctor set quite often, but scheduling it out meant an extra special time to play. First I was the doctor, and Ellie my nurse...

Then came Doctor Dassah to work on me!

"Nurse, we have an emergency!"

Ellie mostly observes and chews on things. ;)

This activity was a filler one evening, so Daddy got in on the fun too! (D is for Daddy too - we read a lot of our special books about Daddies that Dassah loves that week). He's a patient Daddy (in both senses of the word for this picture!).

And I love seeing how moments like these turn into Ellie snuggles. She's such a sweet snuggler!

D is for Daniel in the Lion's Den! We acted out the story, with Dassah as Daniel.

An angel shut the lion's mouths so they didn't hurt Daniel - instead she got to snuggle them. ;)

D is for felt Dolls and their dresses! It was fun having an excuse to sit down and play these during "preschool" time.

We also counted all their dresses. Dassah can easily count to 14 now, since we live on the 14th floor I think. After fourteen she usually says "16, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16..." and gets stuck in a loop until she gives up. ;)

D is for dump trucks and diggers in dirt for sensory play! While Dassah enjoyed playing this, I think we're going to keep the dirt outside in the future... Definitely something I've have her do on a porch or in the back yard if we had one! Because it inevitably gets everywhere inside...

D is for Dress up! She didn't need any prodding to play this with me! ;)

And D is for more Dirt - outside this time! It is also for Drop - we brought water outside to drop rocks in and see them splash. But there were no big rocks around! City life... So we dropped scoops of dirt instead...

And dropped water on the sidewalk...

Ellie loved picking up the shovels and dropping them in the water over and over, while Dassah relished in the not-very-often allowance of taking off her shoes and getting more dirty! It was a day that they needed a bath anyway and it worked better to give them one mid-day instead of in the morning or evening, so we seized the excuse to have dirty play!

This girl absolutely loves getting dirty!

I felt a little bad when a friend's daughter came outside with her ayi. I knew her mom probably didn't want her to get all dirty, but Dassah KEPT saying "why don't you take off your shoes?" because she wanted her to share the fun! But the other little girl did a good job staying pretty clean, as they took turns dropping dirt in water. I didn't know that would be such a hit!

D is for Dog stickers (Dassah said "I'm going to put them INSIDE the letter this time), Do-a-dot markers on written Ds, Daisy, Diamond sprinkled Donuts, and a Dolphin letter tracer. I tried Hadassah tracing a letter sheet, but she just wanted me to hold the pen and do it with her holding on, so we'll probably save tracing sheets more for next year.

D is for Dance the ABCs! When we needed to get some energy out inside we did an Alphabet dance.. .trying to move "like" the letter. I called out adjectives that started with the letter... Be a bouncy B! A cute C! and so on. It was tough for some letters and we probably looked ridiculous but it got us both moving!

D is for Duplo painting! For some reason Dassah never paints for very long. But I thought the prints looked pretty cool!

Little D had a box and found a dress, a doll, a dog, and so on. :)

D is for Dragon Fly from popsicle sticks! Anything that uses glitter glue is a hit for Hadassah. :) I'm saving the popsicle stick creations we're making and putting them in a bag to pull out at restaurants or other places we need to sit for a while. Maybe they'll turn into story prompts or something.

And because the weather is going to be too cold soon, and we had another bath night, we did another D for Dirty night with Daddy. Because they're only young once...

And what is cuter than a baby knee covered in dirt? :)

Oh - and as far as the donuts? I neglected to take pictures of our delicious delicacies, but since it was D week, I got donuts twice from bakeries around us. I'll take whatever excuse I can. ;)

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