Monday, May 19, 2014

3 more days in the states...

It's real! We got the visas on Tuesday, made our last long car trip, and are preparing to fly to Shanghai on Wednesday, May 21st! Our first of three flights leaves bright and early at 5:40 AM. The last of the three will be almost 15 hours in duration. With an active almost 7-month-old who doesn't fall asleep easily in places other than her own bed, this isn't on the top list of things I want to do. ;) But I know that God is in control, and that He will bring us there. He's brought us this far!

A great way to say Goodbye to the US was to see a sunrise at the beach... We got up early while visiting Ryan's Granddad to make it to the beach. It was cool and windy, but worth it.

 God's beauty is majestic....


  1. Oh how exciting!!! I will continue to pray for you all - and that Hadassah sleeps on that plane ride! ;-)

  2. Bless little Hadassah! Will more nursing help? for comfort and for sleeping? We will be praying for all of you.

  3. Thanks for your prayers! And Donna Jo, more nursing is what everyone recommends for flying, so we'll try it. :)