Sunday, May 11, 2014

She'll Call Me Mommy...

All my life I dreamed of this day -
I'd have a baby and it wouldn't just be play...

Now it's here. And it's sweet.
The joys and the milestones can't be beat.

Those days when I carried a doll everywhere
Are replaced with a real live baby so dear...

And she coos. And she laughs.
She'll call me Mommy in another year's half.

But these first six months with a baby to hold
Have produced challenges I'd have never foretold.

But the Lord - He's so good!
He's given me grace to do more than I could.

And the best part of all, though a mother I be,
I'm a wife first and foremost; parents are WE...

And he's great. The best dad.
To go through life with him makes me so glad...

Forever. In the Lord. Together.