Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Pictorial Journey

 Since when I posted our last post, pictures wouldn't upload to go with it, here they are from our trip:

4:30 AM at the airport in Montgomery, AL - my parents were so amazing to come and see us off that early!

 If Hadassah was fussy on the flights, sometimes I'd just hand her to Ryan and she'd cheer right up. That girl loves her Daddy!

Hadassah liked having her own seat! Since Ryan's company reimbursed us for this flight, we went ahead and got Hadassah her own seat. And we're so glad she did! She's a little independent, so having somewhere to put her down to play was wonderful.

We could tell people were praying because Hadassah slept! She hardly ever will sleep anywhere except her own bed or her carseat. But on two of the flights, after a little fussing, she went peacefully to sleep in my arms. Though after a while my arms got sore, it was so precious to have that time holding her close.

People told us we looked like a happy family :)

On the 14 hour flight from Detroit to Shanghai we put Hadassah on the seat between us. The airplane pillows and blankets provided her with a cozy little nest where she played and slept!

The last 2 1/2 hours of flight and all through the airport Hadassah refused to sleep... but in the taxi I was playing with her toys in front of her when suddenly I noticed she had drifted off...

And yes, this is what I look like at 4 AM body time after 24 hours of almost no sleep. ;)

The view from our hotel room - skyscrapers stretch for miles! Hadassah loves sitting in the window watching the cars go by. ;)

Safely in Shanghai! So blessed to be together.


  1. You have the most adorable family... :-) And Anna, you look AMAZING after so long with no sleep! :-) Praying for you all, can't wait to see what God has in store! :-)

  2. This post inspired me to take pictures when we traveled to Europe in order to document our trip - and I am SO glad that we did! I had no idea how much those pictures would mean to me later on. I'm sure they'll only become more special to me as time goes on. =)