Friday, May 9, 2014

Learning Patience...

The process of moving to China has definitely been a lesson in patience. First, it was waiting to see if we would get the job. Then when I knew we'd be moving to China, I wanted to know when, so I knew what to prepare for. And while we knew early on that it would be mid- or late May, we've been waiting.... and waiting... and waiting... We don't want to buy plane tickets before we get visas, and before we got those we had to submit all kinds of documents to get an invitation letter.

Today I thought we might know. Ryan left at 4:30 AM to drive 4 1/2 hours to Chicago to go to the Chinese consulate to get our visas. We were told if he submitted the application by 11 AM and paid for it to be expedited, he might be able to pick them up that afternoon. Though he made the deadline, after waiting in line for 1 1/2 hours, he was told they were too busy to process them that day, and he'd have to come back on Tuesday to pick them up. So, we still can't get tickets and our leave date!

But, each day teaches me to rely on God more. He knows. And each day brings us closer. The reality is hitting that we'll likely be in China in under 2 weeks! But, more and more the realization grows that this world is not our home. We sometimes don't even know where we'll be the next day. But if we've trusted Jesus as our Savior, we know where we'll be spending eternity: in heaven with Him. I look forward to that day.

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  1. Anna, thank you so much for the reminder of the "Big Picture.". I'm one of those people who says " I want patience now!". The reminder that God is in control and this world not being our home, stops me in "my" tracks. Praying the transition is smooth for the three of you!