Sunday, May 25, 2014

Seeing Shanghai

 What to do when you don't have a working phone and don't have a watch, yet need to keep track of the time? Put the time stamp on your camera on, look a clock to calculate how much you need to add/subtract to know the local time, and take a picture every time you need to check it! ;)

On our way to People's Square! So fun to see sites Ryan's been to years before!

People - everywhere people. One day I want to be able to speak their language.

I've definitely had more fried rice than ever before! ;) And I agree with Ryan that in some cases real Chinese food isn't as palatable as "American" Chinese food... but I know our tastes will adjust eventually! All-in-all, thinks have been pretty good!

I was taking a picture of Ryan and Hadassah when someone else walked up to take a picture of them. ;) And yes, that is a pear made out of rubber duckeys - don't ask me what for!

We are blessed to see many new sites and have new experiences!

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