Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Biker Family

 So if you had ever told me, at any part of my life, that I'd be riding on what is to many respects a motorcycle (albeit not able to go as fast), I wouldn't have believed you. A little "wild"? That's not really me...

But when it's your fastest way to get to the grocery store or subway, and time is always of the essence with a baby... Besides, who wouldn't want to ride behind such a handsome man?

And would you be shocked to hear that I think it's a blast? :)

Now we look like a true Chinese family.

And before you question whether it's safe or not:
1) There's a bike lane on almost every road, separated from the busy road with cars by a hedge of trees
2) I feel very secure, not at all like I'm going to fall off
3) Hadassah is secure in the ERGO carrier, and I put one arm around Ryan and one arm behind her head so that if we go over any big bumps (though the bike itself is very smooth), she won't be jolted
4) This e-bike can only go 15 mph tops, so we're not traveling all that fast

And Hadassah likes it too! 

A plug for ERGO carriers too: they're great! Carrying her doesn't hurt my back, and I feel her weight less with this than I do when I wear a backpack. Pretty cool. And really, almost essential for life in China. Allows me to go to the fruit stand and buy water and carry it back with both hands while she rides securely and can see the world. :) Plus, better than carrying the stroller up and down stairs and trying to navigate all the bumps in the sidewalk and roads. *end plug*

Hard to believe we're finishing our first "normal" week of work and such in China! Still hasn't fully sunk in that we'll be here for years instead of just weeks, but it's exciting to learn and grow in many new ways.

And, I just arranged with a tutor a friend recommended to start language lessons on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons starting this Tuesday! :)

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