Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day, Ryan!

Two years ago, I was getting to know Ryan and saw him playing with a friend's child. My heart beat a little faster. I somehow knew he'd make a great dad...

...and he does!!!

When Hadassah was born, he bonded with her right away, and was the first to hold and cuddle with her.

Hadassah is growing up secure, safe in her strong Daddy's arms.

 It's been priceless to see Ryan involve her in everything, from passing on his love of music to praying with her and telling her about God.
This site has been a common one since Hadassah was a week old. He started playing with colored rings above her head, and seven months later, she STILL loves it, as her eyes pop out and her legs kick happily :)

Hadassah's eyes always light up something special when she sees her Daddy. Yes, there are times when only Mommy will do (when she's hungry, sleeping, or bonked her head again), but even then Ryan can often get her to calm down as he twirls her around and teaches her to dance.

And ever wondered why Hadassah smiles so much for pictures?

She has a Daddy who isn't afraid to be silly! :)

But the best part of all, much as Hadassah is Daddy's girl, he's already teaching her that Mommy comes first. :) He treasures our marriage, greets me first at the door, and makes sure we have time just the two of us. Countless times he plays with Hadassah so I can get something done or just have a break, even if he's exhausted from a long day. I am so blessed.

Thank you, Ryan, for going above and beyond in your role as a father! I love you!

Your Anna :)


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  2. Aww! =) "Hundred More Years" is suddenly that much more fitting of a song... little girl with blue eyes captivating her Daddy. =)