Thursday, June 26, 2014


Life hasn't been all that abnormal or blog-worthy. In fact, sometimes life seems very similar to what it'd be in the U.S.: time seeking the Lord and studying His Word, Ryan working his job, me enjoying time at home with Hadassah and trying to keep on top of chores, us having meals together, enjoying Hadassah's laughs, and trying to get enough sleep. ;) Those precious moments when Ryan comes home, Hadassah lights up, and I get lots of kisses at the door. Or one of my favorites: hearing Ryan play the guitar while Hadassah squeals and rolls on the floor and I finish making supper. Of course, any time we set foot outside, or have to go buy more water that's safe to drink, we're reminded we're in a different country!

Then there are the almost nightly visits with our neighbors, which is wonderful. There's the lessons in Chinese for me, which are fun! Today I finished learning the sounds for all 21 "initials" (consonant sounds), and have learned 14 "finals" (vowel sounds), practicing them with all 4 tones and learning over 70 short words. It makes my brain spin every time, but my teacher is very good and very encouraging, and I've had quite a few "a ha!" moments when I learn words that I've heard before.

And then there's the rain... When they said June was the rainy season, they weren't kidding! Hadassah and I are sitting in the window seat watching it pour down as I type. Ryan has become a pro at putting his poncho on for his rides to work on his e-bike. And shopping... it definitely makes things interesting! Yesterday I waited until Ryan was home at 4:30 PM to go shopping together, thinking he could get a taxi. Well, for some reason they either didn't understand or didn't want to go to the store. So, we made the 25 minute walk both ways with Hadassah in the ERGO, umbrellas, and backpacks of groceries. Not exactly fun, but it's what you have to do when you don't have a car!

 This little one keeps us smiling... Here she is, fresh after a bath :)

 Being in China with my best friend and love is pretty amazing too. We try to keep up our Friday date nights, though if we go somewhere, it means Hadassah's along. But when you hear there's "normal" pizza a 30 minute walk from you, and you get to go through the University campus Ryan spent a semester at 9 years ago and see his dorm and the buildings he studied in... It's worth it.

Meals have also become easier, and when Ryan takes a picture of it, I know he really likes it. :)

And yes, you can do Mexican dishes in China - the only thing you have to get "special" is taco seasoning, but even that is available to order online! That and corn chips... they were a splurge, but we're making them last!

 There is a door made of mirrors in our hallway, and one of Hadassah's favorite activities is to talk to the baby in the mirror.

And she's become an expert at rolling! She had been at the pile of toys playing when I went into the kitchen, but was quite a bit away from there when I came back!

And no matter where I am, if I can smell fresh bread baking, I will feel at home. SO thankful for this oven!

There are definitely moments where, with everything in us, we want to be back home, in America. It's hard being far from family and friends. There are things that are different and annoying, and everything just takes longer here. But we know this is where God has us for now, and we see His blessings everywhere.

And just having a home is so good for all of us. After months of every few nights being somewhere new and trying to get her to nap in a car or a stroller or an ERGO, Hadassah gets to sleep in the same room for every nap and night time! That has helped us all, as her sleep has been better, and I can usually count on naps being at least 1 1/2 hours each time - which after months of often 45 minute naps is a luxury!

So, life is good. It's hard and messy sometimes, but God is always good. Each day His faithfulness is new.


  1. This is Helen-
    You are always so trusting and faithful. I wish I could be like that.
    If you are ever feeling really bad, than read book of the Bible called Job. Or just read the verse were he fell to the ground and praised God. Reading that always make your problems seem small.

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Helen! It isn't always easy for me to be so trusting, but God has taught me a lot along the way and has always proved faithful. So how can I not trust Him?

      And yes, our problems are very small compared to Job's! It is a good book to give perspective.