Thursday, June 19, 2014

I want to be like Hadassah...

Hadassah and her neighbor friend are learning to play together more!
Each afternoon, I try to take Hadassah out to the courtyard near the slides in our apartment complex. She LOVES it. As soon as she sees other children running around, she wiggles to be put down and tries to run over to them. Whereas in the house she makes sure I'm holding her hands before trying to walk, when she sees other children, she thinks she can do it and shakes off my hands. I hold her under the arms and try to keep up, as she vocalizes happily and smiles.

The reactions are cute. Sometimes the child runs away, a little startled, until his grandma urges him to say "hǎo." Other times they come closer, curious about the little blue-eyed child. The Grandmas all love it, and ask me questions about Hadassah.

It's hard not being able to understand. I've learned to pick up on when they're asking her age, and can respond appropriately: "qī yuè." I recently learned how to tell them she's a girl: "hái." But then it turns into a game of gesturing as we try to communicate, until they eventually give up and talk among themselves while I smile. 

And while smiling is wonderful, and a great way to communicate that transcends language, it can only last so long. After 10 or 15 minutes, I feel the urge to go... It gets awkward!

But I want to be like Hadassah, always ready to go and meet new people. She doesn't seem to get tired of smiling! God knew what He was doing when he gave me - an introvert, who God has brought a long way, but would still often rather work alone than with people - a daughter who is so outgoing... one who loves people SO much! 

So, I go out, for another time of smiling. As I learn Chinese (I began on Tuesday and have a great tutor!) I know these times out will give me great opportunities to practice. And though it's outside of my comfort zone, I thank the Lord for the gift of my daughter, that gives me reason and an excuse to get out. Everyone is so welcoming when I have such a cutie in my arms! ;)

Lord, make me like Hadassah. Give me more and more of a love for people. Help me to share you with them.

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