Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Baby and her Doll

 Hadassah has been loving on her baby doll a lot lately :)

She likes to push her in the swing... though she never usually let's go of the swing (or I of her) - it's kind of a rocking for Hadassah too.

And rides in the swing are always more fun when you have a companion!

She cuddles and kisses her doll, and shares her sippy cup with it too. I tell her she's a good mommy to her baby...

 Though she also likes to hold it upside and drop it on it's head. ;)

And when you realize she's matching Daddy's clothes colors for once (since most of her clothes match mommy's), she doesn't want to let go of baby even for a picture.

Our baby has her own baby... it's adorable. :)


  1. This is Helen-
    Adorable! When Rachel was a toddler, Mama put her hair in a ponytail just like you have Hadassah's!

  2. Incredibly precious. And to her advantage she has wonderful role models -- her mommy (and daddy) to set an example!

  3. Adorable is right. Loving seeing pictures of your beautiful little girl. And reading your updates. So encouraging! :)

  4. This is Novella-
    She looks kind of like Rachel too! She is such a cute little darling! She must like having a picture taken of her since she smiles so sweetly every time you see her in one! She has a very cute little companion too! :)

  5. The picture of her hugging her doll is my favorite. Crazy that she's old enough to be tender and loving to something smaller than her! And I love how the baby doll is "looking" at the camera when Hadassah holds it upside down. =) -N