Monday, September 8, 2014

The Highlight of Hadassah's Day

 I smile to think that something that causes us a little annoyance can bring Hadassah such joy, but it does. Guess it's just the way God works sometimes. :)

She truly loves it. She'll see the bottles of water and point and squeak happy noises. Maybe it's because she just likes going outside...

 I carry Hadassah and she carries the empty bottles all the way down our stairs, then I let her walk with them. She usually lasts almost all the way there before dropping them, and enjoys making music by banging them on the curb along the way.

 Seeing the water machine makes Hadassah super excited. She presses the green button to start and then has a hard time being patient while the bottle fills before I let her press the red button. It's kind of neat, because little ones love buttons to press on toys, but these buttons actually accomplish something useful!

 Once the bottles are filled, Hadassah goes in the ERGO while mommy carries the bottles home. But her tasks aren't done..

 Hadassah LOVES scanning the key sensor to open the door. She tries to go towards the door of every apartment building when we walk sometimes, wanting to scan the keys. Guess she feels powerful or likes the beep or something. :)

This time Ryan was with us since it was Saturday, so he took over carrying the bottles so Hadassah was out of the ERGO. But now she's learned how to reach her arm out of the ERGO and scan the key both at the gate into the complex and at our building.

 Once while we were on a walk and someone stopped to talk to Ryan, Hadassah was restless and there were a few stairs nearby, so to have something to do, I taught her how to lift her foot to step up on them. She caught on almost immediately, and has been eager to walk up stairs and anything else she can. Even if it's something as tall as her, she'll lift her foot up high, thinking she can step up on it...

But it's pretty cute, if I do say so myself, and walking up our stairs (sometimes she'll go up all 3 flights!) helps burn off some of her seemingly endless energy. ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing about your adventures. The part about her trying to step up something almost as tall as her made me laugh :-) She is at such a cute stage :-)

  2. Love this post! I bet she will love these pictures someday! Such a smart girl. <3