Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our little Myrtle

 When we chose the name Hadassah, we didn't do it for it's most common meaning, which is "myrtle tree." While trees are pretty, we didn't choose to name a daughter after one - we preferred to name her after someone she could look to for inspiration. Hadassah, also Queen Esther in the Bible, was a great choice, as she displayed such courage and faith.

In re-checking for this post, I found that some say Hadassah also means "bride" or "star" and another source claimed it meant "compassion" which is pretty neat. :)

When my mom reminded me of the meaning of Hadassah's name in conjunction with the crepe myrtles blooming at the base of our apartment building, I couldn't help but get a picture of her with them. She has brought such beauty to our lives, just like these flowers have to our past few weeks.


  1. I love her headband! the various meanings of her name are interesting! -- Donna Jo