Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Shanghai Sunset

The sun shining in Shanghai is pretty rare. Every now and then we see it through smog, but on Saturday and Sunday it was bright enough to cast shadows as it came through the window. Hadassah was fascinated moving her hand and seeing the shadow, which made us realize how rare it was! ;)

With such nice, pretty clear days, we even saw the sunset last night! God displayed His glory in the sky...

 Pretty pastels

 A change on the camera settings made it look even more vibrant. :) Perfect for capturing a picture wit my love!

 We were walking to the subway station around 6 PM to get our e-bike, since we'd taken it there to go to church in the morning but come back in a taxi so Hadassah could get a nap earlier.

By the time we got to the station, the sky was so many shades of blue.

This is the beauty I want to remember from Shanghai.


  1. Evenings are beautiful... So grateful you got to capture this one!