Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Saturday around Home

Saturday mornings are always full. No sleeping in due to an early rising baby, skyping both sets of parents and often another family member since it's the only morning we're both available (since our mornings are evenings in the states!), trying to have devotions together while baby naps, and too soon it's lunch time and leftovers aren't always in the fridge!

So today Ryan took Hadassah outside while I tried to scour the house for something to eat, but soon the door intercom rang and it was Ryan - though I didn't figure that out until he'd confused me by first sounding like a Chinese man. ;) But he said "It's a really nice day - let's go out for lunch!"

It solved my quandary of what to make, and we wanted an excuse to try ordering at a restaurant that looked nice to take guests to. Plus the weather is PERFECT these days... warm but coolness in the air, and blue skies the past two days! A 3 minute walk to the complex gate, turn to the right, and we were there!

 The menu was completely in Chinese characters, with no pictures. So pleco and Ryan's knowledge of some characters came to the rescue, and he ordered winning dishes. This beef with ginger and celery was AMAZING, and so pretty with an orchid for detail.

Hadassah loved her first experience slurping down long noodles. :)

 I love this little one. :)

For 1 kuai (about 15 cents USD) you can get a smile like this accompanied by happy little shrieks and about 5 minutes of Chinese music that makes Hadassah dance. :)

We don't do it all too often because we want to make it special (and cents add up!) but it's such fun when we do. Rides like these are outside many little shops, and Hadassah always points at them and looks with her pleading eyes. ;)

We had talked to the mom of this baby as we were walking down the street, and when she came over we motioned that she could put her baby in too. Hadassah did try to push him away at first (yes, we'll be working on sharing!) but then seemed to enjoy the company.

We walked across the street to campus and let Hadassah practice her walking skills in the grass. On Thursday she started pulling up on things and by Friday night was taking a few steps alone. She's now up to 5-8 steps solo on her way from one of us to the other - so much fun!

It was a good day. After some minor seeming-like-catastrophes-in-the-moment during the week, we didn't have any "fires" to put out on Saturday. Time together, time with the Lord, time walking in His beautiful creation (low pollution days are amazing!)... we are blessed. And this is feeling like home slowly but surely. Praise Him.

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