Friday, August 14, 2015

Date night at Blue Frog!

It seems we're on a "get a date every 3 months" cycle, as this date is 3 months from the last ones that were 3 months from the one before that... Hoping this starts the end of such large stretches between! Another advantage to moving to our new apartment is that the family just downstairs, also from America, is interested in trading babysitting on a semi-regular (whenever it works out with busy schedules) basis. And they let us go first!

We dropped Hadassah off around 4:45 PM, and she was brave to begin with. I'd talked to her about how mommy was going on a mommy-daddy date, reminding her how much she loved daddy-daughter dates, and this time mommy got a turn! ;) I told her she'd play with her friends and that the mommy of the family would feed her supper, and she seemed pretty happy about it. But, the moment of us leaving came and she did want to cling and not let us go. We heard her crying as we left, but were happy to learn later that it only lasted a few minutes, and we could tell when we got back she had a great time. It's nice having friends we actually see a few times a week that she's pretty comfortable with!

We rode the subway to the end of line 5 (around 30 minutes) and it felt strange to be without a toddler... In all of our 14 months here, we'd never left from that subway station together *without* Hadassah! The ride seemed so short without a toddler to corral and instead my best friend to talk to!

 Blue Frog Bar & Grill is located in a large mall in Xinzhuang, and it was incredible. Took us forever to decide what to order, finally settling on their Gourmet Burger, Caesar Salad, and Spring Roll assortment. The first two were incredible, and the spring rolls still good, but not something we'd order again. The best part was the ability to just look into my love's eyes and talk while enjoying good food I didn't have to cook or clean up after. Going OUT on a date will always be our favorite thing to do - while we spend time together at home, there's always those chores and dishes around that can be distracting.

 True love = sharing an absolutely incredibly delicious burger ;)

We needed to make it home by Hadassah's bedtime, so we got a treat on the way out from a place downstairs that makes amazing popsicles and ice cream bars. The one with hearts just seemed fitting, and with white chocolate and fudge it was incredible.

I love going out with my mind. It really clears the brain and reminds me of the time we were courting and engaged... He is such a good date planner too. :) Looking forward to hopefully going out more regularly in the future!

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