Friday, August 28, 2015

Recent Snapshots

I always have way more in my head to blog than I ever have time to write... But here are some recent snapshots of life.

 Certain outfits make me look bigger than others. This one is definitely one that made Ryan go "wow - where did that belly come from?" ;)

 This is one of the cutest sights. I was thrilled to find a small, used chair for Hadassah.  Never mind that her flower lamp fell off the wall with the first fixing method we tried and we still haven't gotten around to fixing it up correctly... She still likes her little spot :)

One of the happiest pictures, because it means I SEWED SOMETHING! For the first time in China! I have a sewing machine again, thanks to IKEA! So we have kitchen curtains that just make it more homey.

Ryan also washed the windows last week, which makes doing the dishes so pleasant. It's crazy how much clearer I can see outside now. Definitely brought to mind the verse "Now we see through a glass dimly" when I'd look up and blink at how clear everything was! We have quite the view from the 14th floor...


  1. I love your candids Anna! You look radiant! Thanks for the sweet peek into your everyday life in China! =) ~Jessi

  2. Yay! Didn't realize you were so far along! And so glad you got a sewing machine. :) xoxos