Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hosting our First Tea Party

With a little girl going on two and another little girl on the way, I can see a lot of tea parties in my future. :) Which I am thrilled about! After all, an excuse to enter into childhood again, especially when I was a girly girl myself? I'll take it!

 It was fun to have an excuse to dress Hadassah up, and she seemed to enjoy it more this time. She's definitely getting into anything "pretty" and seemed to like her fluffy dress.

 As soon as the table was decorated this morning, Hadassah kept wanting to sit down at it. I kept telling her we had to wait to eat until her friends arrived, but she spent a lot of time just sitting and waiting!
 When I told her to put her hands in her lap for the picture... little girlness is all over this picture!! Ahh!!

 We don't have a real tea set (yet!) - and we actually only had water - but all the color made it fun. I even made name cards for each of the girls. What can I say? I just have too much fun with little details!

 Food fit for small guests... pumpkin scones, apple cookies, star cheese and flower watermelon. The food in shapes was the biggest hit, so I will have to remember that. :)

A sweet group of girls! I originally thought of doing a little tea party partially to thank the moms of the two older girls for all of their help in the first weeks of us moving in. I figured those girls (around age 3 1/2) would get the most out of a tea party. But I was amazed at how much Hadassah and the other friend her age got it, and enjoyed every bit of the process... Or maybe it was just the excuse to eat fun food! ;)

But my little girl is growing up... Bittersweet as I remember when she was so tiny, but also oh so much fun! Doing things like this with her to make fun memories is such a joy, and knowing that we have another tiny baby coming helps me not get too nostalgic about my girl that's not so little anymore!


  1. Oh, how I love tea parties!! Gabrielle and I have been having tea parties together since she was 6 years old, and it is still very much a part of our life. I'm sure you and your sweet girls will enjoy decades of tea fun as well.

    And, yes, dressing a little girl up in such pretty clothes is part of the fun of having a girl!!

    By the way, in that top photo, Hadassah looks so much like you!

  2. Aw! Cuteness overload! Little girls are so fun! =) ~Jessi