Thursday, August 6, 2015

First Guest and Blessings

We didn't have to wait long to have company in our new home!

 Last Wednesday, a dear sister and old friend of Ryan's and his family contacted us asking if we would be around for her to visit on Tuesday. She lives in a city 2 hours by train from Shanghai (plus more travel from her home to the station and from the Shanghai station here!) and had come to visit last October. Ryan and his parents had gotten to know her in 2011 when they visited another part of China, and it is always wonderful to catch up with her and hear what God is doing!

Her email came on one of our craziest, exhausting days, but Ryan and I have from the beginning of our marriage always wanted to be as hospitable as we can with the home God gives us. Never mind that at that point, our home was not in company-ready state! But, we figured in a week things had to be better, and besides, it would give us a reason to make sure some things were. And, after all, we were already used to sleeping on the couch!

We initially assumed she would just stay one night, but we have enjoyed having her here for a few days. She's helped with various things we need Chinese translation for, and Hadassah has absolutely loved having her around. She accepted her almost from the start, loving to show her toys, leading her to the couch to read books, and just being cute to get her attention. I've enjoyed the excuse to cook some of our favorite foods to share, and have enjoyed our friend's sweet help with the dishes!

While having company can be tiring - I know I will probably crash this weekend, as try as I might, I run on adrenaline when there are extra people around - I am thankful for the opportunities God gives. Our sister has encouraged us and we pray we have been an encouragement to her. In one big way, last night her staying home while Hadassah went to bed allowed Ryan and I to go to a prayer gathering with friends in the complex. It has been SO long since we have been to a prayer gathering, and it was so refreshing to be with other Christians, discussing the Word and what God is doing in their and our lives. So, "give and it will be given" is definitely true. We are all blessed.

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  1. ...Oh, that is amazing. Your family are such precious gifts from God!