Saturday, August 8, 2015

"I like new house"

With Hadassah finally feeling better, her "all done new house" phrase was heard less, especially after we had her wave goodbye to each room in our old apartment when we returned the keys. She seemed to understand that it was empty and we were in the new place to stay. Though she was still often "all done" after being cooped inside most of the day due to the heat, Ryan taking her out first thing in the morning and having friends close by to come over during the day helped a lot. I forget exactly when, but after such a time she told me, "I like new house." Finally getting to move her into her room on Friday increased her enjoyment - she brings everyone on skype or in person to her room now, excitedly showing them her "pink room" and the cool flower light that she can turn on and off! :)

 On Monday it was still quite hot outside, and I also had to stay here all morning as three deliveries were expected. As 10 AM approached, though, I could tell Hadassah was getting antsy and tired of being inside. So, I texted the friends in our very building to ask if their little girl wanted to come up and play for an hour. So nice to be able to ask last minute!

These two are almost exactly the same age (just 5 days difference!) and having her here to play made her toys seem new again, as Hadassah loved showing her many different things. They made train tracks and squished play dough balls and stars I made them... So cute to see two little ones playing together!

 Hadassah has really enjoyed the toy piano we got her used too. She was fascinated one Sunday when Daddy let her try out the microphone as he practiced singing before morning worship. So when she saw there was a mic with her piano, she knew just what to do. Daily she "sings," mostly making up her own nonsense-sounding songs, or belting out "I will glory in my Redeemer!" over and over (we taught her that line to sing with us as it repeats many time in the song on Sunday, and she latched on to it - so sweet to hear her singing praise songs!).

Also, when did my little girl get so grown up? Hair in one pony tail really makes that fact real...

 We had the weekly Wednesday fellowship at our apartment this week, providing more play time with friends. Though Hadassah still often prefers to play by herself in groups, she and this little girl climbed up on the couch together and were sharing the stacking cups. So cute!

 The other American family's building is just a few minutes' walk from ours, and this 3-year-old was excited to come over as well. Knowing we'd probably want another diversion on Thursday, I invited her to come for an hour. Hadassah walked over with me to pick her up and drop her off. They played dress up and had a tea party, which Hadassah kept talking about.

 They also "cooked," making a pot of "soup" with the fake food. Ever since, Hadassah does the same thing multiple times a day, down to choosing the same pink and green spoon to use. Whether it's her age or the influence of seeing other kids prefer a certain color, she is getting particular about her favorite thing based on colors. ;)

While playing with this little girl, I realized how I was enjoying interacting with other little girls that could actually understand me. When all you can do is smile at a child, not speak in a way they understand much, you run out of things to do. I used to babysit and teach young ones and enjoy playing with them and their imagination, and with these friends I'm able to do that again. Such fun!

On Friday morning a friend I met when walking to the store one day came over. This picture was taken on their first visit when we were still at our old apartment two weeks ago. When I met them, it was an extremely hot day, I didn't have a stroller, and Hadassah was wanting to be carried as much as I'd let her... I was tired and really wishing I had a car. But when a mom and daughter stopped to talk, I realized that chance meetings like this wouldn't happen if I had a car, so there is some good to having to walk! The mom is Chinese but speaks very good English, the dad Romanian. The little girl is just a few weeks younger than Hadassah, so another cute same-age friend!

By Friday, believe it or not, Hadassah seemed almost tired of being with people! But she still enjoyed having a change by having friends in the house.

Our old neighbors also walked over for a visit Friday evening, and it was so good to catch up with them. Hadassah loved showing them around. :) They ended up staying for 2 hours, which is longer than they usually stayed when we were just next door, so it's fun to have an excuse to have longer conversations by being farther away!

She pulls me or Ryan over to join her for a "picnic" at every opportunity. I think she feels like such a big girl to be able to sit at a small table with real chairs (another secondhand find). Scenes like this melt my heart...

This morning we went to a play time at a Chinese friend's house in the same complex. It's crazy thinking back to lonely days when it was rare that we saw ANYONE we knew during the day. Now, almost every day has involved friends. It was almost too tiring, but we know that at the beginning of life in a new place, it's important to make and accept invitations as you get to know people, otherwise the opportunities can pass by. And it just makes real to me that God provides. Life overseas is still hard, but it so so helps to be a part of community.

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