Wednesday, June 8, 2016

7 months with Ellie Grace

 Ellie turned seven months on Sunday, but only today did I have time to take pictures. Wow. I had it easy for the first 6 months of pictures... Now getting her to stay still long enough to have a picture taken in whatever position I choose is almost impossible! But even in-action pictures (like the above of her trying to roll onto her tummy IMMEDIATELY) is still super cute!

 But she finally lay still for a second when I distracted her with a toy above her head ;)

 Okay, mom, okay, I'll sit for a minute, but I really want to try to crawl!

 This is it, my preferred position! Almost anytime I sit her down she's leans onto her hands and knees, and then collapses on her tummy. Try as she might (and she keeps on trying!) she can't crawl forward yet ;)

By 7 months, Eliana:
* weighs 22 pounds *added 2 teeth for a total of 8 * scoots herself backwards (then gets stuck in corners!) * laughs and shrieks at Daddy's antics, always looking for more * interacts so much with her sister * loves the "I drop it, you pick it up" game * slept great for the first 3 weeks of being 6 months (often two 2-hour naps and a 30 minute cat nap plus all night even soon after jet lag!) then had pretty disturbed sleep the last week * more and more stranger shy * but smiles big if they give her time to warm up * reaches out for mommy in the most adorable way * says "Ma" as her first word * does her second crossing-ocean flight in her life * absolutely loves being with grandparents * looks for approval when figuring out toys * interested in anything big sis has * tries to grab  more and more food from my hand * adds more diced soft fruit & veggies to her menu instead of just purees * puffs and crackers are a hit! * loves sucking on a whole peeled apple or peach * totally thrilled when she gets watermelon in her mesh feeder * loves playing and splashing in water * first time in sand, beach waves, and pools * likes toys that make noise, balls, and any animal or doll! * always wants to be moving and rolling and incredibly cute! *

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  1. What a sweet doll baby! I'm sure you guys are loving every second of being a family of four! :)