Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cousins. And Friends.

There's something wonderful about cousins just a few months apart. Especially now that they're old enough to really communicate, have little adorable conversations, and enjoy doing things together. Dassah loved this weekend as Evan was here with his family!

 Ellie was pretty fascinated with Evan too :)

 She also has the cutest stare contests with Grandpa

 Cousins and buddies forever!

 A double swing for sisters

 Grammy playing with all three... doesn't get much better! And Evan's little sister is due to arrive this month, to add a fourth grandchild! :)

So after church, with naps past due isn't the best time to capture huge smiles from my girls, but it still manages to make a pretty cute picture! Armfulls of love. :)

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