Saturday, June 25, 2016

Water Play the Apartment Way

 Since this one got up earlier than planned on Thursday, she discovered how to pull up on a box while I had my back turned getting a chore done. Ellie just keeps learning faster than I can keep up with! ;)

When it was time to get Hadassah up, I told her we were going to put on her swimsuit and do some water play. Pretty much the best thing you can say to a 2 year old! ;) With it so hot and humid, being outside and doing our normal walking and running and playground activities wasn't very enjoyable. Yet, being outside is still so good for my girls and their attitudes. I was kind of inwardly complaining about the fact that I didn't have a back yard for putting out a pool or a water play table, when I realized I could still do something similar here. It just might take a little more work. But, really not all that much more....

 So we loaded up the stroller (I so enjoy this versatile sit-and-stand double stroller!) and headed outside. When we first moved to China, I would have never done this sort of thing, too concerned about what people would think. I hardly ever see parents or grandparents letting their children get dirty or wet. But, 2 years in, I know they think we're a little weird regardless, and I'm not going to let fear of what people will think keep me from giving my girls some free fun!

 We chose a quiet, somewhat secluded sidewalk, and Dassah went to work scooping and pouring. Mostly on her sister...

 ... but Ellie didn't seem to mind too much! The water felt good on the hot day!

 Then they tried standing in the tub and splashing around. Was fun for a few minutes, but the size was a little small.

Dassah tried sitting in it, but decided it was too cold. ;)

 Ellie seemed tired of water after a bit, so I moved her to the play mat where she enjoyed rolling and crawling while Hadassah watered the grass, trees, bugs... Next time I may bring chalk out too, so she can draw and then wash it away.

 I entertained Ellie with twirling leaves when she got bored. She was pretty fascinated. :)

 Then it was time to head back home. It had only been half an hour, but I knew Ellie needed another nap, and the mosquitoes were descending more. And some play time is better than none!

 This little cutie slept really well after that too! For a girl that is trying to give up her third nap, I actually had to wake her up from this one! Nothing like a sweet sleeping baby...

 In other cute news, did you know that a slinky can be an awesome toy for a baby and a toddler?

It may not stay in its original shape, but these sisters sure enjoy playing with it! :D


  1. Looks like such fun!! Great idea!! I love that play mat! --Donna Jo

    1. One nice thing about Shanghai is that you can get some really cheap deals on kids stuff online. It's one of the reasons I translate the all-in-Chinese website to figure it out! I think that mat cost just $3 or something and it comes in so handy. :)