Wednesday, June 1, 2016


 The drive from Alabama to Indiana was made on a beautiful day. Clear weather and clear roads... A 6-hour drive made for a 8 1/2 hour trip with children, but we'd determined to not rush and just take things as they came, stopping as needed.

 Incredibly, both girls slept - including at the SAME time for an hour and a half in the afternoon! Singing all 26 of the "ABC" verses my mom has put to music helped lull them to sleep. We were so grateful for some quiet and the happy girls that ensued. Thankfully they are used to car seats now!

 I 've been in America for 2 weeks now, and I still can't get over how gorgeous the sky is. Blue almost every day, and such big fluffy white clouds!! Such a treat to watch it as we drove. And though I had to keep turning to hand a toy to the cute chubby baby hand or give stickers or books over the seat to the toddler girl, it really is more relaxing to ride in a car when I don't have to hold onto children!

As we got closer and closer, Hadassah's smile got bigger and bigger!

 Another run and hugs and kisses! Oh what joy to be reunited after 6 months apart...

 Grandpa won Ellie over when he let her do one of her favorite things: feel leaves!

 "You mean you'll give me watermelon too, Grandma?"

 Starry-eyed baby!

 Girl playing peekaboo in the curtains :)

 We even got to spend an hour at a cool pool place! Hadassah is NOT a fan of water going over her head in any way, shape or form. Shower, sprinkler, or splash, she avoids it as much as we can! But Ryan and I really enjoyed the fast water slides (not pictured) and high diving board. And after seeing us go down our slides, Hadassah had courage to go with me down the kids one!

 She loved wading with Grandpa though!

 And Grammy wore Ellie for the first time so she could nap and I could play! Ryan and I had so much fun :)
 These matching dresses from Grammy were the cutest after-swimming outfits ever!

 Ellie's going to be spoiled... If she finishes eating first and then makes the slightest disgruntled noise while off playing in the living room, Grammy is instantly by her side! But hey, that's what grandparents are for, right? :) And its these sweet moments we traveled half way across the world to have...

 This little one is rocking on her hands and knees! She only scoots on her tummy backwards so far, but she's on the verge of crawling!

And she rolls all over all the time! Such a cute roly poly baby in every sense of the word.

Travel is still rough. Even just one hour time zone change is taking getting used, and the swimming seemed to wear out the girls more than usual, so before bed was rough for them both. But overall it is wonderful to see how adaptable children are. And how much they blossom with more and more love...

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