Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Indiana Parks at Evening

It is such a treat being within a 10-15 minute of multiple, free, outdoor parks! They're a rarity in China, at least where we are. Especially when every single one has swings, to the delight of Hadassah! :)

Feeding ducks for a "just us" family outing on a Sunday after naps...

 Loving our little ones!

Ryan taught her how to actually THROW the bread and not just drop it next to her. ;) So many geese and ducks crowded around us - they weren't shy!

 This little cutie is enjoying the swings as well, since they have baby swings in America to top it all off! ;)

The little miss that likes to dig...

 This is the park that was nearly in Ryan's backyard as a child. Pretty fun to take his girls there now!

 We went for a family hike on one of the trails Ryan had mapped out as a kid. Hadassah was excited to go exploring! Only downside? We discovered a tick on her the next night. IN her belly button. Yeah - so not fun! But she was a champ as we worked to remove it!

 With my silly sweet girl :)

 Ryan taught her how to skip rocks

 What can be better than throwing rocks into water? This occupied us for a while!

 You forget how beautiful it is to see the stars and stripes flying high against blue sky when you don't see it for six months at a time... This country isn't perfect (none are!) but our gratefulness for it has increased since we've been away.

 On Monday Grammy painted Dassah's nails, much to her absolute delight!

 And Ryan got to spend time with his best friend since kindergarten and best man at our wedding. So glad their schedules lined up to be here at the same time!

 Monday evening was gorgeous. We went to the park on the Louisville side of the river...

 This little missy is ready to go! Still can't go forward yet, but she's always pushing up on her arms!

 Grandparents = the best!

 Baby reflective...

We left early to get Ellie to bed, while Hadassah got to stay up later and play with Grammy and Grandpa. Doesn't get much better than that!

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