Tuesday, October 14, 2014

1st Birthday Party for our Hadassah Daisy!

Hadassah will turn 1 on October 29th... seems crazy because the year has gone by SO fast! But because Ryan's parents leave tomorrow, we thought we would celebrate a little early.

Best decision ever, because I think grandparents must be THE key to party success. They brought things I ordered and sent to their house, bought even more party decorations, spent 2 hours on Sunday afternoon helping us assemble and hang the decorations, and then helped me all day Monday while Ryan was at work!

Pinterest gave the ideas, which turned out even better than I had hoped! I try not to spend a lot of time on pinterest, but it is definitely a very helpful site when planning parties!

The whole spread - simple, cheap, easy to feed many people, and fun!

We had cauliflower soup, tomato basil soup (with parmesan cheese and homemade croutons), flower pb&j sandwiches, and flower fruit and veggies.

Rhoda probably did 6 loads of dishes that day... I kept messing up the kitchen cooking and she kept cleaning it up so wonderfully!

Not one to venture into cake decorating yet, I wanted something cute and simple, and this was it! Delicious vanilla cupcakes with natural food coloring - tumeric for yellow, strawberries for pink, and spinach for green - easy and delicious!

Ryan brought Hadassah her first flowers. :) Fitting too, as we call her our 'Dassah Daisy, as she brings such joy and brightness to our lives!

 Ryan was amazing making at least half of the cupcake liner flowers for the lights!


Flowers were blooming everywhere in the house! So much fun. :)

 The little miss was so ready to eat!

 We invited our neighbors and some co-workers of Ryan. Both families had little boys that Hadassah likes. She was SO excited to see everyone! :)

 One little candle...

 She was so dainty, lightly touching the frosting, then not sure what to do with it ;)

 But she tasted it and liked it, though after a few bites was all done :)

 Hadassah was tired from not napping that afternoon (due to teething or too much stimulation or something!) so was a little dazed during all the presents. Her mouth kept opening in an "oh" when she'd see something else, but she kept playing with her first gift, plastic velcro food, despite all the others Daddy opened. ;) We joked that she probably thought she was dreaming!

 My parents skyped in from Alabama, waking up at 5:15 AM their time to join the fun. It was really special to have them be a part of it too.

 All of the kids enjoyed the favorite toy!

 We love her.

 They do too!

 Finishing the night with a song :)

 Our 'Dassah and her daisies!

We're still enjoying the beauty, and I plan to re-use it all... the decorations are perfect for brightening Hadassah's room year round. :) So maybe I went a little overboard for a baby's first party, but I just had too much fun decorating, and could only have done it with all the help I had. :) Making paper flowers is more addicting than you'd know!


  1. So Cute! Alot of work went into it! What did Hadassah think of the candle? did she try to blow it out? -- Donna Jo

    1. Hadassah was kind of out of it and didn't know what to do (we rarely light candles, so she doesn't have much association with them) so in the process of trying to show her what to do, I blew it out accidentally. ;) She was pretty far from it, so on her real birthday we may show her how to blow out a candle if we can. ;) -A

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like the best 1st birthday party ever! :)

  3. So cute! The decorations, the food, and especially Hadassah! Yes, very young children always focus in on the first gift and you have to pry them away to open the others. We adults feel the pressures of time and conformity, but a little child can teach you how to take time to truly appreciate something before you move on to the next thing. Sorry to get deep on you on such a fun and lighthearted occasion, but being a parent gives you an understanding about God and the world that you would not have otherwise. - Jennifer

    1. So true! Great thoughts. I've enjoyed seeing the world through a little one's eyes and how it teaches us to slow down. I look forward to learning more lessons from her as she grows! :) Thanks for commenting! -Anna