Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Grandparents and the Huangpu River

Gotten tired of pictures from the park by the Huangpu River yet? But with the grandparents here, it's a place they had to visit. :) And we're always amazed as we always find something new to see every time we go - and this was our 5th or 6th time there! Plus, with the beautiful weather and blue skies this fall is giving us, it was so fun to be out.
Hadassah is enjoying extra hands to hold wherever she goes :)

She wasn't quite in the mood for pictures - she wanted to get down so she could get some energy out!
There - much happier!
She loves to fly!
Dancing in the rocks :)
Beauty displayed...
Beauty with the beauty :)
Hard not to take advantage of the natural gorgeous background...

She would run up and down the bridge all day if we only had as much energy as she does...
A family silhouette :)
So enjoying being together.
Again leaving at the perfect time....
This time we couldn't go on our e-bike, as we couldn't fit everyone on! A taxi got us there, but there were no taxis hanging around when we came out of the park. A guard directed us down the road to a bus stop, and right when Ryan was saying how at least a bus would take us to where taxi are even if it didn't take us home, an empty taxi drove by and he ran out to hail it. The driver screeched to a stop and we were home in no time. God provides. :)


  1. This is Helen-
    I don't see many taxis where we live. I like those pictures, especially when the sun started to set.

  2. Anna, you are getting so many precious and beautiful photos! I love the sunsets and scenery, and your shots as a family... so precious! I'm SO glad you have the grandparents there to enjoy for a time.