Saturday, October 11, 2014

Snapshots of a week

 Catching up on pictures from the week..

On Monday we rode the subway to meet some friends for dinner. Hadassah loved playing with her grandparents on the 45-minute ride.

 The looks she gives them are precious!

 We were thrilled to meet our friends out for dinner! With children and living far apart, we don't get together as often as we'd like, so Ryan's parents, who had met them when they visited China with Ryan in 2011, provided the perfect excuse. :)

On Tuesday our neighbors had us over for lunch: more amazing dumplings! They even showed us how to make them, and were such gracious hosts. We ended up staying for over 2 hours of great conversation!

Our first try at ponytails on Wednesday didn't last long, but was super cute!

 A co-worker of Ryan's and his sweet wife joined us for lunch on Thursday

Another attempt at pony tails... only to be pulled out minutes later by the curious little miss ;)

Hadassah LOVES playing with her Daddy! He comes up with games like this one, where he pretended to be asleep, then she'd touch his face, and he'd open his eyes with a crazy expression. She giggles and squeals for more!

We'll be in for a rude awakening when the grandparents leave... Hadassah is so enjoying all of the people to play with her while Mommy cooks, and I am so blessed by extra hands doing the dishes and fixing things!

On Friday another friend Ryan and his parents had met when they visited China in 2011 came 2 hours by train to stay with us. It was fun hosting another person overnight (we really enjoy hospitality!) though it involved more rearranging of beds and couches and blankets and curtains. So worth it though! :)

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